Bison Organic Chocolate Stout

Bison Brewing Company: Organic Chocolate Stout

A 3.75 A bit thin, bitter (good) and fairly high carbonation. Would be better with a thicker body. Still, very drinkable.

R: 4 mid to stong dark chocolate aroma, mid carbonation, smooth milk chocolate, a little tart towards the end. A bit like a chocolate milkshake without milk and less sugar. Better when warm


Freemont Brewing Company, Seattle, USA






Service: Friendly.
Approximate expenditure: $10
SFF: medium (9:17)

Wandering Wheat
A: 3.25 easy to drink. Not much going on. Still, rather enjoyable.
R: 3 low sweet wheat aroma, no to low carbonation, very light, very sweet like white sugar, wheat taste, slight sweet linger.

A: 3.5 better than straight up wheat. Almost has a bit of ginger going on in mouth.
R: 2.75 low sweet nectar aroma, no to low carbonation, sweet nectar with added sugar taste and a bit of orange, a bit of tangerine in there towards the end.

Universale Pale Ale
A: 3.75 easy drinking, session able Pale.
R: 3.5no aroma, no to low carbonation, standard pale ale taste. It is a flat pale ale.

Summer Ale
lllLow sweet hop aroma, low carbonation, sweeter rather than bitter.
A: 4.25 Great pale ale. Like it alot.
R: 3.25

Ferm Lab 2
A: 3.5 good funk going on. Not much else
R: 3.25 low sweet aroma a bit of cheese, low carbonation, nectar fruit taste, sweet nectar linger

Interurban IPA
A: 4.5 very light, session able and fucking tasty. I could drink
A heap of these in a row. I might put it up a quarter.
R: 4.5 mid hoppy aroma, low carbonation, ipa balanced taste, balanced linger. Pretty standard, but good!

Abominable Ale
A: 3.75 nice in the Seattle rain and cold.
R: 3 Smells like a porter and the alcohol can be smelt
When it warms up, no to low carbonation, roasted nut malt sweet, short sweet linger. Too sweet for me.

Randall – Sumer Ale w. Kaffir Lime Leaves
A: 4.25 can really taste the lime leaves as it warms. Adds a bit extra to the standard summer. Still prefer summer, tho.
R: 4 kaffir lime aroma (l thought it ws lime mixed with basil before reading the beer description), low to mid carbonation, crisp, overpowering kaffir lime taste, quite sweet like tangerine but may be the lime. The warmer the more the kaffir lime comes out.
Apparently it is the Summer Ale with added Kaffir Lime, but the underlying ale taste is much more powerful than the straight Summer Ale. Later, when it warmed up all I could smell and all I could taste was kafir lime, but it wasn’t bad.

Cowiche Hop Lab #2
A: 4 bitter, and that’s about it.
R: 3.5 Strong sweet hoppy aroma, low carbonation, balanced, light, sweet linger

The Sister
A: 3.75 nicely done with strong hop bitterness. Medium to thick mouthfeel. Could only drink a half pint.
R: 3.5 strong sweet hoppy aroma, low to mid carbonation, balanced but the sweetness has a bit of malt to it so stands out. Sweet linger.

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Capitol Lake Park, Olympia, USA


Both beers shared amongst two in the park.

Golden Road Brewing: Wolf Among Weeds
A: 4 Billowy white head, smells great. Bitter, thick mouthfeel. High carbonation.
R: 4 strong sweet hoppy aroma, low to mid carbonation, very strong but balanced sweet bitter, bitter more than sweet linger. Tasty, but a full one could be overpowering.

Boatswain: Chocolate Stout
A: 3.25 quite bitter, highly carbonated. Could do with more sweet chocolate. Doesn’t get better as it warms. Still, drinkable. Reminds me of Cooper’s Extra Stout.
R: 3.75 mid chocolate malt aroma, high carbonation, strong chocolate, balanced with a bit more bitter towards the end, smooth thin mouthfeel, bitter chocolate linger. As it warms it gets sweeter.

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Hair of the Dog Brewing Company, Portland, USA

20130618-193126.jpg 20130618-193210.jpg

Service: Friendly enough.
Approximate expenditure: $10
SFF: High (4F:18M)

A: 3.75 pepper, hop bite, lingering bitterness but not overwhelmingly so.
R: 4 mid sweet vanilla honey aroma, low carbonation, slightly bitter, silky honey mouth feel, bitter sweet balanced linger. Better warmer – the bitterness is reduced. I put it up .25 points.

A: 4.25 chewy, slightly smokey, sweet. Yum.
R: 3.25 low sweet molasses aroma, mid carbonation, malt & molasses sweet and bitter balanced, with the same flavor lingering. I’m not a fan of the molasses taste.

? From the Woods: Pannepooch
A: 3.5 Bourbon, bourbon. Sweet, sweet! I’d like the bourbon to be countered with something else… Maybe a bitter chocolate, or something. Bit of vanilla in there would go nicely, too. Nicely carbonated, though.
R: 2.75 strong sweet brandy port or bourbon aroma – not like beer, low to mid carbonation, smooth mouth feel, strong overpowering brandy port or bourbon flavor and the same flavor lingers.

Blue Dot
A: 3.5 thick, malty, sweet. I’d call it a barleywine. Slightly cloying; too much for me.
R: 3.5 No aroma until it warms then smells like honey, low mid carbonation, sweet with a bit of bitterness. It is sweeter once it warms up.


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Cascade Brewing, Portland, USA

20130617-154731.jpg 20130617-154738.jpg

Service: Super friendly. The staff knew their beers
Approximate expenditure: $40 (tasters are expensive!)
SFF: Low (12F: 14M)

Raspberry Wheat
A: 3.75 subtle, easy to drink. Impressed so far.
R: 3.5 real raspberry aroma, low to mid carbonation, very light raspberry taste, was expecting more flavor considering the smell. Refreshing. Meant to be a sour.

Summer Goze
A: 4 subtle, tasty. Delicious!
R: 3.5 low wheat honey aroma, low carbonation, sweet more than sour, subtle. Meant to be a sour

A: 4.25 complex, subtle. Wow, they just get better.
R: 3.5 low sour aroma, low carbonation, tastes light a sour lolly with a balanced sweet sour taste, light strawberry taste, light, crisp, sweet sour balanced linger. More sour than the Raspberry Wheat and Summer Goose

The Vine
A: 4.25
R: 3.5 mid sour fruit aroma, no to low carbonation, sweet with a hint of sour, taste like a weak lemon warhead.

Figaro (From the Barrel)
A: 4.25 intense sour. Then I had a full pour and noticed the sweetness and low carbonation. Not as sour as first expected.
R: 4.25
Taster: mid sour aroma, low carbonation, silky mouthfeel, sour tart but not chalky, sweet sour balanced linger. I was thinking stone fruits but I think I am tasting the Chardonnay.
Tulip: Sweeter after drinking their more tart sours. Almost too sweet for a full glass, but love the tartness to it.

A: 4.5 subtle apricot, sour.
R: 4.5 low sweet sour fruit aroma, low to mid aroma, sour, apricot, creamy apricot pie, sweet linger.

Honeyed Combs (From the Barrel)l
A: 4.25 smells more like honey than it tastes. Not overly sour. The sweetness is great after a couple real sour ones.
R: 3.5 mid cinnamon aroma, low aroma, sweet overpowering cinnamon taste, sweet creaming soda linger – must be the vanilla that I can taste. A few Points for novelty but too sweet for me. Meant to be a sour.

Honey Ginger Lime
A: 3.75 not sour enough. Interesting, though. These beers are a good exercise in subtlety.
R: 3.5 mid sour orange aroma, mid to high carbonation, sour sweet spicy orange a bit like Tang, some tangerine or lemon & orange taste towards the end.

A: 4.5 rounded, chewy, complex, tart.
R: 4.25 Mid sour rose aroma, high carbonation, sour citrus and vanilla, linger is sweet but citrus.

A: 3.75 plasticky taste.
R: 3.25 mid sweet berry aroma, low aroma, sweet and sour with light berry taste, sour tart linger with a little chalk mouthfeel. Light.

Vlad the Imp-Aler
A: 3.75 lotsa bourbon. Sweet. I wouldn’t buy a glass but glad I tried the taster.
R: 2.5 strong bourbon alcohol aroma, low to mid carbonation, overpowering bourbon taste followed by sweet creamy bourbon taste, ten sour linger. Interesting but the strong bourbon taste in the centre is not for me.

A: 4.25 coconut, chewy, slight sourness, slight sweetness. Tastes like a sour version of a Cherry Ripe chocolate bar.
R: 4.25 mid cherry red ale aroma, low to mid carbonation, sour tart cherry berry, sweet linger, a little chalky mouthfeel after.

A: 3.5 tastes like aged in bourbon, not oak. Tangy, spicy, not much sweetness, quite tart.
R: 2.75 sweet port aroma, mid to high carbonation, strongly sour, dark berries and port taste, sour linger. I don’t like port and bourbon in beer.



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Pfriem Family Brewers, Hood River, USA

20130615-121122.jpg 20130615-121132.jpg 20130615-121139.jpg


Service: Friendly
Approximate expenditure: $15
SFF: no one else there

A: 3.5 refreshing, tasty. Straightforward, which is what I need this morning!
R: 3.25 low sweet wheat aroma, low to mid carbonation, silky smooth, creamy, well balanced sweet bitter, sweet wheat linger, a slight hint of soapy bit barely

A: 3.5 roasty, slightly chewy.
R: 3 mid sweet pear? aroma, low carbonation, toasty punch at the end with a little bitterness, sweet linger.

Belgium Strong Blonde
A: 3.25
R: 2.5 low aroma, low carbonation, balanced, slightly more bitter, then balanced linger. Wheat.

Blonde IPAq
A: 3.5 reminds me of a Vale IPA. Length is there, floral, sweet, mildly bittered. Bit uninspired, IMO
R: 3.5 powerful hoppy sweet aroma -yum!, mid carbonation, sweet slight creaming soda taste then bitter linger

A: 3.5 slightly more complex than the Blonde IPA, but with a slight sourness t the end.
R: 2.5 low hoppy sweet aroma, low carbonation, limited taste after the Blonde IPAq but similar, a little underarm sweat in there – but just a touch.

Belgian Strong Dark
A: 4 Best of the morning. Would make a nice nightcap.
R: 3.5 low sweet molasses aroma, low to mid carbonation, medium mouthfeel, sweet syrup taste, sweet linger. a little too sweet for me. Can taste the fig and toffee but not overpowering.